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Online art training with a real artist. No traveling costs, just pick-up your phone and call Audrey Menefee to discuss your art project. Get her imput for $35 per hour (pro-rated). Yes, all you have to do is pre-pay $35 USD. You can spend the time emailing, Facetime, and learning art instruction from Audrey Menefee. If you spend less than an hour with Audrey, you can: 1) get a refund for the difference, or 2) store credit, or 3) credit towards your next call.

Your online art training (or Facetime) may consist of the following topics: critique, techniques, or recommendations as to what to do on your art piece.

Prepay an hour, and then you can use 15 minutes, 1/2 hour, or 45 minutes at your discretion. In other words, you can break the time up into 2-3 art sessions.

Art Advice - $35 Per Online Telephone Call, Facetime, or emailing. Each hour is pro-rated.


Have a fun art lesson with your friends, book now. The prices are affordable. Each participant is only $35 each! Art supplies, canvas, paint, paint brushes, easel, and apron are provided by Audrey Menefee. Host is free. Audrey Menefee teaches your friends and gives step-by-step instructions as a group, lots of fun!

Art Class Party 2013

Each participant will have their own apron, paint brushes, canvas, easel, water trough, and acrylic paints. The canvas will have a light pencil sketch of an owl (or whatever is agreed upon with the host or hostess). This takes away all the guesswork in how to paint the the owl, bird in a cage, a horse, or even a zebra.

Art Class Party 2013

During the art class party, you can expect lots of laughter, joyful painting, and continual snacking (food sponsored by host / hostess or shared snacks brought by the participants). As you can see above, I like everyone to show their paintings as a group. That's me on the left. I really enjoy teaching at painting parties for young and old alike.

Art Student 

Art Student Week One

Art Painting Party

Children Art Class Party

Do You Want to Book a Party?

All you have to do is pick what you want the participants to paint, enter the number of people you invited, and the ecart will automatically add the $35 per person. It’s so easy!

Type in the date of the party or the name of the host or hostess. Please call or text me to make sure that I am available before paying for the painting party in one lump sum. You can also have each participant pay here as an option.

TRAVEL: I live in Loganville, Georgia. If you live too far away from me, I have to charge traveling fees. The traveling fee vary.

Book Your Party Here!

Each participant $35 - If purchasing for a group, inside the ecart add 1 per each person. Remember, host / hostess is FREE!

Package includes: apron, easel, 16" x 20" canvas with a light pencil sketch, paints, water trough, and paint brushes.

Please enter the date of the party:
(Date of party is pre-arranged with Audrey Menefee)



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