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Terms of Artistic Services

ONE-TIME USE FOR ALL ARTWORK REQUIREMENT: The secondary use of an illustration or print may be of greater value than the primary use. For reuse, Audrey Menefee will typically charge an additional fee ranging from 50 to 100 percent of the original fee charged. For details, you need to make specific arrangements with Audrey Menefee.

COPYRIGHTED IMAGES: All images (editorial illustrations, prints, paintings) are protected by the International copyright treaties and laws. Audrey Menefee owns and controls all rights to her artwork (unless agreed to in writing). None of Audrey Menefee's artwork is to be scanned, duplicated, or archived without her prior authorization. 

NON-TRANSFERABLE: Audrey Menefee's images are non-transferable. Her images are not to be digitally transformed or modified without written permission from Audrey Menefee. Reselling, reproducing, and redistributing any of Audrey Menefee's artwork is not allowed; purchasing any artwork is for one-time use only and is not to be transferred to postcards, posters, t-shirts, etc. All of Audrey Menefee's artwork must remain unaltered.

NON-EXCLUSIVE: All of Audrey Menefee's prints and editorial illustrations (for print or the Internet) are priced for one-time limited use. Additional payment is required for more extensive use. When Audrey Menefee's work is used for reproduction, her permission must be secured and fair additional payment is required. Audrey Menefee has the right to sell prints of her oil paintings, drawings, and editorial illustrations; she keeps original artwork (unless it's an oil painting) and always retains the right to reproduce any of her oil paintings and illustrations to print, digital images, objects, or any other variable formats. In other words, Audrey Menefee never asks permission to use her own artwork for any reason.

NO REFUNDS: Audrey Menefee has no obligation to issue refunds after any of her artwork is released. This policy is based on her "non-transferable" policy (where images could easily be resold, rented, given away, or reused).

LIABILITY: You agree to not hold Audrey Menefee (including her directors or managers) responsible for any liability arising from any use of the images provided for sale.

CREDIT ATTRIBUTIONS: Credit attributions and copyright notices for editorial uses of images must be attributed to Audrey Menefee as the artist when using any of her images for websites, television broadcast, film, documentaries, marketing campaigns, or multimedia projects. Audrey Menefee retains the right to sign all artwork with a handwritten copyright symbol and client is not allowed to crop it out or remove it in any way.

COPYRIGHT WATERMARKS: (The cyber copyright fonts will be removed for aesthetic reasons when purchased, but the copyright will still be in effect.)

PURCHASE ORDERS  REQUIRED FROM AGENCIES: Agencies and art brokers are to purchase artwork from Audrey Menefee with detailed information regarding the following information: rights of purchase, ownership of the original art, delivery dates for sketch and finish, quoted price(s) for completed artwork, cancellation (kill) fees at sketch and finished stages, and any additional expenses such as delivery or mailing fees. These terms are individually negotiated and when both parties sign the purchase order, it signifies that an agreement and understanding of the terms of purchase and payment(s)have been made.

REVISIONS TO ARTWORK: An extra charge is required when client(s) request revisions or remakes of the artwork when the artist is not at fault.

FRAUDULENT CREDIT CARD USAGE: For any use of fraudulent credit card usage on this site, Audrey Menefee will promptly file complaints with the following agencies:, The Internet Crime Complaint Center, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and The National White collar Crime Center.



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